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Organic Groceries in Cancun

Once I decided that Cancun should be my future home, my first concern was: Where will I find the quality of food I want? I buy organic as much as possible, knowing nothing is free of chemical contamination, yet hoping that products labeled as organic - or sustainable - will generally be the safest available.

An impulse to start this site came from there being inadequate information online for the things I wanted to find, do, learn. But I did find two places mentioned online as offering organic produce, one down Av La Luna and one a little south of Nichupte in the neighborhood of La Luna. So I hopped on a Ruta 6 from Puerto Juarez to go explore. The location down La Luna was but a future dream: a lot, a sign, someone to tell me the business was to be set up within the year. But the other was a dream come true!

Mi Alma Zen is on Av Technologica between Chicharra and Hormiga. That's just a block south of Nichupte, which has Ruta 44 running east and west at good frequency. Easy to get to.

The BEST place for obstaining organic produce, in my opinion. You get high quality products and support a locally-owned business owned by sincere vegans and environmentalists.

The system for obtaining fresh produce has changed a bit each year. At first there were formulas for putting together organic "baskets" (canastas) allowing x choices in each of say three categories. In the last two years (2019, 2020), one simply requests produce by the bunch or kilo, and the order will be delivered to the shop. In 2019, produce arrived once a week, but in 2020 it was possible to get groceries with a day or two's notice. Orders are taken over WhatsApp, and you can also contact the shop via their Facebook page.

Besides the weekly produce supply, there is much to shop for here. First, foods. Organic shelf products: grains, beans, seeds, rice, flours, oils, coffee, non-dairy milks, spices and herbs, and seasonings cover a good grocery range. There are refrigerator cases with vegan products (vegan cheese etc.) and freezer cases with more organic and vegan foods.

The non-food range covers essential oils, laundry and cleaning products, excellent Yucatecan bar shampoo (a favorite of mine).

I encourage EVERYONE who cares about healthy food to get to know Mi Alma Zen, shop here, and support an admirable initiative.

Av. Tecnologico between Chicharra y Hormiga, SM 51

FB page of Mi Alma Zen

Phone (and WhatsApp to text orders) 998 206 3596

There are beautiful markets for fresh produce - small ones scattered around town, the largest one in Mercado 23, and a couple good ones together at La Fresita on Lopez Portillo just past "the bridge" on the way to Puerto Juarez. I've asked the vendors and always been told that their produce is conventionally produced, with pesticides. So - know what you're buying - but enjoy, the great selection of tropical fruits is a thrill.

La Fresita on Lopez Portillo, Puerto Juarez
La Fresita on Lopez Portillo, Puerto Juarez