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Medical Care

Finding Doctors in Cancun

Not only does Mexico have four medical schools in the world's top 200, but the country also attracts talent from other countries. You can get very good treatment here and it is generally very affordable.

If you've got something urgent and it's not mysterious, you might head to Cruz Roja on Yaxchilan in SM 21, not far from Sam's Club. You register outside at the service window, take a seat and wait your turn - of course, by triage guidelines as you'll have given the reason for your visit. Probably best if you're with someone who speaks Spanish, but I think it is not necessary. At the end, you'll be asked to pay something like 50 pesos as the suggested donation for services - but please remember that's a suggestion so that anyone can afford it, and it would be appropriate to offer more, to support their good work. Their phone is 998 884 1616, but you should just go directly there. For emergencies, call 911.

But if you need a good diagnostician, choose a specialist. I've had very good luck using the free Directorio Médico de Cancún: I just look the doctors up online, choose by medical school and certifications, and usually get an appointment within a day or two. The other option is to head to a hospital and register with their Urgencias - Urgent Care - where you'll get to see a specialist within a reasonable time. Of course, I've also asked Mexican friends for recommendations of doctors in private practice, but some of them have been booked too far out for my timeframe. In any case, note that many doctors in Cancun have evening office hours; it's not a 9-to-5 world at all.

On the other hand, I do not recommend trying the (usually free) Consultorios attached to pharmacies. I'm not going to tell stories, I just assure you it is a far cry from the fine care you can get by following my suggestions. It is tempting, so convenient, and Mexican friends may tell you that's the thing to do, but: no, it really is not.

Doctors I'm sticking with

Here are doctors I highly recommend, from my personal experience. I won't go into individual details why, but just say that these doctors are very professional, caring and personable. They give the time and attention that makes one feel truly heard. They explain their diagnoses, treatment plans and recommendations so that I feel confident about what's going on and what I can expect. Each of these doctors has diagnosed my issues with great accuracy and come up with efficacious treatments. I have such confidence with each that, in fact, I wait to see doctors until I can get back to Mexico. I very strongly and enthusiastically recommend these specialists to you.

Note that you'll often go to an independent lab, like a local office of La Clicsa or Limed, which are all around town, and then you'll pick up your results and take them with you when you return to the doctor for your follow-up visit. Doctors often recommend a particular lab and may have arranged discounts for their patients. Blood work may be reported by email to you and to your doctor, but x-rays will need to be hand-carried - unless, of course, you chose to go to a hospital and everything can be done on site.

photo taken spring 2020 when consulting
Dr. Gustavo Alfonso Huitrón Aguilar

His consulting office is on the ground floor of Hospiten. Appointments are made through Hospiten's main number, 998 881 3700, and paid to the hospital billing office (so credit cards are accepted, but consultations run under USD 50).

photo March 2021
Dr. Raymid García Fernández

Electrocardiograms and ultrasounds are performed on site. In 2021, Dr. Raymid is booked and contacted through Doctoralia. His office is Centro Medico del Sol, on the east side of Av La Luna just north of Av del Sol. Phone 998 339 3735

no photo ... next time ...
Dr Luis Juvencio Medellin Lara

The obstetrician of a Mexican friend, and a great choice for reular gyne care as well. Find him at Pabellon Caribe on the north side of Nichupte at Xpuhil Sur - in other words, just two blocks west of Av Tulum. Read comments on Doctoralia. Phone 998 782 8922

No photo of Dr Peregrina ... next time ...
Dr. José Alfredo Peregrina Contreras

Centro Médico Cancún
Av. La Luna #7, SM 44, M 6, Fracc. Alborada
Phone 998 848 1082
Consultation (in 2020) 400 pesos, cash only

screenshot from youtube introduction
Dr. Thomas Klinckwort Irmscher

Médica Cancun
Av. La Costa esquina Chancanab, SM 30
Phone 998 884 8733 and 998 887 1318

photo found on the web
Dr. Berl Blank Goldenberg

His consulting office is within Amerimed, but appointments are paid in cash only, directly to the practice. Phone 998 845 4383 or 998 881 3408

photo in Palenque clinic March 2021
DQ Dashel Alarcón

Evening hours, from 5 pm, at a new location this year on Palenque, with Dr. Genaro Reyes. (NB, no cards accepted at Palenque.) Daytime, till 3 pm, at Clinica Cassan, Calle Venado 31, SM 20. Either location, try to book a package of chiropractic adjustment and therapeutic massage: a winning combination at an unbeatable price.

Palenque 127 (corner with Calle Yalahan, door to left of house's gate), SM 30
Whatsapp 552 189 1187

photo taken March 2021
Dr. Sebastian Medina

I went for a simple ultrasound cleaning, and it was the best and most comfortable ever. Several people in FB's Puerto Morelos group recommend Dr. Medina for implants and other advanced work, so I think it's worth going outside the site's Cancun focus to include this recommendation.

MEDimplant Group, Av. Niños Héroes SM01 Mx08 L6 int 1&3, Puerto Morelos
998 256 5186, 998 185 2788