[ Social Life in Cancun

Cultural Events and Social Life

When events are again being held and freely attended ... Keep an eye on these spaces.
  • Casa de Cultura for concerts and other performances. On an extension of Av Yaxchilan behind the Planetarium of Cancun, with off-street parking.
  • Asmi Roshan Centro de Bienestar has classes, workshops, and a lovely, intimate room for candlelit concerts. Av. Tulum, Condominio Blau Center, SM 15-A, across from Plaza las Americas by the pedestrian bridge.
  • Centro Cultural de las Artes en Benito Juárez for visual arts exhibits. On Av Tulum, west side, a bit south of the Palacio Municipal
  • Instituto de la Cultura y las Artes Cancún for music performances, film festivals, classes, workshops. SM 23, on Av Chichen Itza in the first block west of Av Tulum. In 2020-2021, they have been offering virtual workshops and online concerts.
  • The plaza in front of City Hall - Palacio Municipal - on Tulum is the location of occasional concerts. Christmas season was when I attended one.
  • Corpus Christi I went to a very good Christmas-season concert here a couple of years back. Not sure how many events they have, but suggest checking their FB page. On Calle 79 about 10 short blocks north of Lopez Portillo.
  • Four Points by Sheraton, on Tulum by Galenia Hospital, has hosted an art reception ... and who knows what more ... not sure how to learn of its events but would check local newspapers.
  • The Teatro de Cancún by the Embarcadero in the Zona Hotelera (OK, not downtown, but books some of the best shows) - for music, dance, theater - just be forewarned that there is no respect for the performances, with popcorn sold there being consumed during the show, along with drinks, candies, chips - just think circus and brave it if you will.

Networking: InterNations

Getting in touch with a friend before my second season led to an invitation to join a gathering the very evening I was arriving. InterNations, I was told. Try to get your spellchecker to allow that! Had not heard of it. But having many hours to kill in the Charlotte airport along the way, I looked it up and saw that it's an international organization based in Germany, with local chapters around the world - including Cancun. You can ask to join for free, though there are some additional benefits offered to those who pay. So I applied, and tried to learn more about the dinner that evening.

Internations gathering at La Fonda del Zancudo

To my surprise, when I checked into my hotel and got online, I found email confirming my acceptance as a member. I was able to find the starting time for the evening's event: 8 pm. And I had to laugh at the membership suggestion: I'd registered my home address by Virginia's coast, so they suggested I join the chapter in Cincinnati. Hmm. Well, it is right down Interstate 64 from me, just some 580 miles / 933 kilometers ... 9.5 hours, says Google maps. So I changed my profile to say I live in Cancun. All set.

Probably about three dozen people came during the time I stayed at the event. A friendly group, mixed ages, origins and professions. Made plans to get together with some of the people I met that night. Nice start to the season!

Unfortunately, such groups depend largely upon volunteer organizers, and in the year before the pandemic halted everything, it seemed the only InterNations activities were in Playa del Carmen, and were restricted to those with paid memberships. Quite a change. Will have to see if it offers anything in the future.